The Britannia Bridge Lions

Welcome to our campaign to "Raise the Britannia Lions". The Britannia bridge, which crosses the Menai Strait from the North Wales mainland to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey, is decorated with 4 large stone lions. One pair is located on the mainland side and the other on the Anglesey side.

The Britannia Lions were sculptured out of Anglesey Limestone, which came from the quarries in Penmon, near Beaumaris. The Lions designed and sculpted by John Thomas (1813-1862), who also worked on Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Each lion is made out of 11 pieces of limestone and then joined together.

Each lion is 12'8" (3.86m) tall and 25'8" (7.77m) long and wieghs 30 tonnes. Each Lion cost £1,024.00 and was erected before the bridge was opened in 1850.

The idea is to try and raise the two lions on the mainland side so they can greet the thousands of people who come onto the Isle of Anglesey (Ynys Mon) via the A55 Dual carriageway, the two remaining lions on the Anglesey side are quite close to the Anglesey coastal path and would be nice for people to see.